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The mission of the Vista Middle School Library is to create 21st Century Digital Learners, Digital Citizens, and students disposed to higher-level thinking and actively engaged in critical thinking to gain and share knowledge.
If I read this much every day. . . then I will read this many words in a year.
10 minutes per day = 600,000 words per year
15 minutes per day = 1,000,000 words per year
20 minutes per day = 1,800,00 words per year
One hour per day = 4,000,000 words per year

Curriculum Resources

  2. funbrain,com

Finding Primary Sources

Search the following:
  1. CIESE Science and Engineering.
  2. Destiny Quest
  3. Digital Library School Access Primary sources will come up in your search results.
  4. Internet Public Library for Kids Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser. It does not display with Explorer. It has an "Ask a Librarian" service.
  5. K-12 Primary Sources
  6. Library of Congress Kids
  7. National Archives
  8. Picturing America US History through art and artifacts (The posters in the series are available in the Vista Library).

Teaching with Primary Sources

  1. Library of Congress Teachers
  2. Teaching with Documents
  3. Teaching with Primary Sources

Updated 9-12-18